Solid State Networks Introduces Solsta, a New DevOps Solution for Game Studios 


Monday, October 24, 2022

Access any version anytime with the Solsta desktop client for Windows and macOS.    

Today, Solid State Networks announced the commercial launch of Solsta, the DevOps solution designed for game and VR development. Solsta is a desktop client that allows everyone involved in making games to quickly access builds and environments locally on their workstations. Solsta increases productivity and makes collaboration more efficient.

“Many AAA studios rely on Solid State for a fast, reliable and automated way to get new features and content from development into production, keeping players satisfied and engaged,” said Rick Buonincontri, Solid State Networks’ CEO. ” We listened to their needs and created Solsta for every type of studio. Our aim is to make Solsta the go-to application in the industry for accelerating the deployment pipeline for game developers that want to focus on making great games.”

Key Features  

  • Using Solsta, anyone on the team can access any build version, anytime.
  • Solsta’s data matching and optimized workflow reduce the time needed to download, install, and update builds and environments, enabling developer and QA teams to get to work quickly with needed builds.
  • Groups such as play-testers, executives and even outside partners can be assigned access to specific environments and alerted when new releases are available.
  • DevOps teams can easily invite users, grant environment access, automate environment creation, and promote builds to environments.
  • Build engineers can view the build history and manage their build library.
  • Simple integration with supported build systems that takes less than 15 minutes. No additional infrastructure is required.

Solsta Includes:  

  • The Solsta desktop client for Windows and macOS
  • CI/CD Integrations for Jenkins, TeamCity, GitHub and GitLab
  • Cloud data storage
  • Global delivery by CDN

Pricing and Availability  

Solsta is available now as an all-inclusive SaaS solution with flexible pricing designed for growth. Solsta is affordable for small teams and the monthly user subscription fees decline as teams increase in size. Studios are invited to evaluate Solsta for up to 60 days with no cost or commitment.

 About Solsta  

Solsta is the latest product to join the lineup of solutions by Solid State Networks designed to accelerate digital delivery and deployment for games and software. For more information visit

 About Solid State Networks  

Solid State Networks is an Arizona software company that has been developing deployment solutions for online games since 2006.  The company’s flagship DIRECT technology, now in its 6th generation, is available as a PC game launcher SDK for Windows and macOS that includes an integrated installer and version updater/patcher. For more information, visit


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