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Automate internal build distribution in under 15 minutes.​

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Get control of game build distribution.

Solsta simplifies build distribution so game development teams can iterate faster and deliver to your players in record time. Solsta is a continuous delivery solution created specifically for game studios. Solsta picks up where your CI system ends by automating the distribution of your build server’s output to everyone in your organization, including external partners.

Use Solsta’s secure, rules-based infrastructure to accelerate build distribution throughout your organization. Each team member will see and access the builds and environments they need, when they need them, enabling new build releases to move quickly towards production.  

Solsta brings security, control, and visibility into build distribution so you can focus on what is essential to your studio: building great games for your player communities. 

Solsta Release Screen
Product Home Page

See all of your Game Releases

On the Home Screen, you get a high level view of all of the games you are actively working on.

Environement view

View All Active Environments

By selecting a game, you can quickly overview all of the game’s active environments along with the publish location, source location, created, and last modified date for each environment.

Solsta Environments
repository view

Environment Repository Overview

Quickly view the promoted release for the specific game environment, including the version, size, create and modify dates.  You can also view:

Update Path view

Visualize Update Paths

Drill down to view the update path details including how many pieces are in the total release, and how many pieces the player will need to download to get from the source release to the update path.

Solsta Update Paths



Facilitates automation and integration with CI/CD pipelines.


Robust API to manage releases across multiple products, environments, and repositories.


Integrated entitlement system to separate deployment administrators vs. standard users.

Speed up your team's iteration time!

Solsta speeds up your team’s iterations, so you can create better games faster.