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Plug Solsta into your CI/CD pipeline and manage your build distribution across all teams. No code required.

The DevOps solution made for game engines:

Over 15 years of experience in game deployment and distribution

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DevOps for Games

We help game developers optimize time, iterate faster - and make better games.

All your builds in one place.

Enjoy the benefits of Continuous Delivery and easily move builds across environments with an automated distribution pipeline.

Get to work fast.

We've optimized byte delivery at every step in the pipeline to minimize data transfer time so you can get working with the latest builds fast.

Manage, deploy, and access unlimited environments.

Update individual game components independently within environments. 
Assign or promote versions and track promotion history.

Access any version, anywhere, anytime.

Launch any build version from a simple user interface. Quickly rollback to previous versions on any local repository.

Fast and Easy Integration

Get up and running in 15 minutes with our pre-built CI/CD integrations

Core Solution

Access Management

Entitle team members access to specific games, environments, and releases.

Rapid Iteration

Increase build iterations using Solsta’s fast ingest process and automated distribution pipeline.


All your builds in one place. Easily install new environments, update versions, and access any version at any time.


Solsta is optimized to significantly reduce data transfer and delivered over a global CDN.


Personalize your desktop experience with Gravatar and dark mode.


Your data is always secured with industry best practices and SOC 2 compliance.

Get the Solsta client

Power your studio

Use the power of Solsta to charge your studio.

data transfer optimization

Byte level differencing, data compression and data deduplication for the most efficient data transfers possible.

no code required

Plug-ins available for popular CI/CD systems or use our API for custom implementations.


Connect your studio, remote teams, and partners with one solution.

backed by AAA experience

Our knowledgeable and experienced team is here to help when needed.


Optimize internal work flows with a secure deployment solution for distributing builds to teams and partners.


Most frequent questions and answers

Solsta comes with everything needed to accelerate the last mile of your deployment pipeline: A desktop client for Windows and MacOS, unlimited build storage, user authentication and entitlement, CI/CD plugins, and unlimited data delivery with our global CDN, and responsive support from our experienced team. See our pricing plans here.

Yes. Our deployment tools and APIs are easy to integrate with any CI/CD system. We will work with you to ensure you do not have to dedicate development time or resources to evaluate Solsta within your build system.

A command-line version of the Solsta client is on our roadmap that will enable fast, efficient and automated updates for your servers. Please see the roadmap here for more details on upcoming features.

Yes. Solsta provides easy-to-manage entitlements for each user or role across all products and Environments created within Solsta.

Solsta supports development on Windows and macOS for any target platform. Our roadmap includes support for build distribution within your internal deployment pipeline to PlayStation and Xbox systems.

You can open a ticket with our support team by visiting our support portal at or simply sending an email to Either of these actions will open a ticket under your organization that will be reviewed and responded to by our highly experienced support team. You can always review past ticket submissions by logging into the support portal.