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If you are on a development, creative, or QA team, you need the Solsta Desktop Application and a Solsta user account.

Solsta Desktop 1.0.7 for Windows
Released on October 14, 2022

Solsta Desktop 1.0.6 for Mac
Released on October 3, 2022 | Release Notes

Integrate your Build Distribution

If you are in DevOps or a build engineer who is responsible for deploying builds to your teams, you will need the following:

Access to Delegated Admin (see ‘Invite Your Teammates’ below)


Don’t see your build system?  Let us know

Team City

  • For Windows 10, macOS 11+, and Linux (Ubuntu v20.04)
  • Solsta Runner is supported on TeamCity Professional 2021.2.2 (build 99660)
  • TeamCity Agents must have .NET 6.0 installed

None at this time.

  • Solsta Plugin for Jenkins is supported on Jenkins 2.361.1
  • Jenkins Nodes must have .NET 6.0 installed

None at this time.


  • GitLab Runners must have .NET 6.0 and Python 3.9+ installed
  • Linux instances will need python3-venv installed

None at this time.


  • Self-hosted Linux runners must have docker installed

Invite Your Teammates

Better and Faster Game Development

Optimize your team's workflow

Use the link below to invite your teammates to Solsta or manage existing users. You must have an Admin account provided by another Admin or by Solid State Networks.

See How to use Delegated Admin for more details.