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Our mission is to help game studios make better games through faster iteration and increased collaboration.    

Our journey started in 2005 following Valve Software’s launch of Steam. Valve was the first AAA studio to use the Internet to circumvent the traditional publisher model, and we knew right away the game industry would never be the same. We then formed Solid State Networks, in what was the dawn of Internet game distribution, to play an important role. 

Since inception, we have maintained our focus on addressing the challenges of digitally deploying and distributing games to player communities worldwide.  

In the early days, delivery cost was a top priority so we launched the industry’s first hybrid CDN and P2P game delivery solution. We followed with DIRECT, a solution for making patch delivery more efficient by reducing the size of data transfers through byte-level differencing. Later we added an integrated launcher, progressive downloading and in-game updates to DIRECT.  

We are fortunate to have worked with some of the best in the industry on some of the most exciting projects of their time. The input and feedback from the teams from Funcom, Riot Games, Bioware and Zenimax (to name just a few) was invaluable to us in advancing our DIRECT solution. DIRECT is now in its 7th generation and incorporates everything we have learned over the last 15 years.   

Solsta is the result of extensive input from game makers and the rapid adoption of CI/CD practices within the game industry. We aspire to make Solsta a game changer that helps studios to achieve their development goals. We also want Solsta to be easy to implement and maintain for studios of all types and sizes. 

If your team values highly iterative development practices and increased collaboration across their internal teams and external partners, we look forward to working with you! 

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