The story behind our mission

In 2005, Solid State Networks started on a journey that informed our understanding of the game development process and focused our mission to serve the developer community through innovation.  Along the way, we have explored, developed, released (and discarded!) many technological solutions to a fundamental problem for games in the Internet era – managing byte delivery is an ever-present battle that studios must overcome.  It is not a stretch to say that if byte delivery were both free and instant, the SSN of today wouldn’t exist.

Our quest to optimize byte delivery at the application layer has given us the opportunity to work with some of the top studios in our industry. The complex needs of online games required fast data transfer of large files that were frequently changing drove the evolution of our technology, which we call DIRECT, to achieve what was not yet possible. We are now on our 7th generation of DIRECT, the technology that incorporates valuable knowledge and allows us to offer you powerful solutions. Power, charge, and unify your studio with Solsta so you can achieve more with your team.


With Solsta, we are committed to playing a critical role for game studios by accelerating workflows with our user-friendly build distribution platform . Our mission is to become the preferred DevOps solution for game developers worldwide, providing a reliable and innovative solution that streamlines collaboration, reduces build distribution time, and enables the delivery of exceptional gaming experiences faster and more economically.


Interactive technologies have opened new frontiers for the human experience that our not-too-distant ancestors likely thought were impossible.  We value our opportunity to contribute during this pivotal point in history with our focus on organizing and transporting bytes wherever they are needed to facilitate those experiences.  We believe when we optimize byte delivery for interactive experiences we are making creators more productive as they work to bring the future forward into today.